Water Parks

There are only two water parks in Goa and, compared with their counterparts in some other popular resorts, are quite small. According to the testimony of tourists, they are clean and fun for kids.

This larger one is called Splash Down! and is located in Arpora, on the way to Anjuna. This new attraction was built in 2011. On its territory there are several water slides and a dance floor. You can rent a place for children's parties.


The entrance to the water park is Rs 200-300 per person, depending on age and time of the visit. It’s opened every day. On weekends and holiday rates are higher, but after 15:00 it’s cheaper.

The water park “Melange” or a “Blue Lady Water Park” in Baga also are unpretentious. It consists a pool with a large slide and four smaller ones. There is also a children's pool, a café, a cocktail bar and a place for the public.

The water park “Melange” is on the road Arpora — Baga, on the river, near the Beach Club Royal Goan. The entrance is Rs 300 for the whole day. Opening hours: 10:00 -17:00.


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